Australian Federal Election 2016


The case study examining an event of political significance focused on the Australian federal election of 2 July, 2016. Reporting on the election by Australian news media organisations was collected, as well as posts made to Instagram that were connected in some way to the election (as discerned through the use of topic marking hashtags, e.g. #ausvotes, #australianelection).

Data Collection:

Collection period: 5 days in total, 2 days prior (30 June, 1 July), the day of the election (2 July), and 2 days post (3 July, 4 July)

Table 1: Total number of Instagram posts collected per hashtag

Figure 1 Daily breakdown of Instagram posts to #ausvotes







*Only collected on 2 July, Election Day


Table 2: Who posted to Instagram using the hashtag #ausvotes

Table 3: News media websites surveyed for federal election reporting



One of the ways in which I interrogated the Instagram data involved gauging responses by members of the public to the election. I did this by looking closely at posts which overtly displayed either affiliation with or distancing from a political party, politician or policy. The results of this analysis are discussed in more detail on the Data Visualization page.


More to come.